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Public Sculpture Proposal (maquette)
for the Wilson Center for the Arts
Brookfield, WI

This video documents a maquette produced for the finalist stage of the 'Circle Drive Sculpture Contest' at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, WI.

The proposal consists of an array of abstract shapes which appear to be randomly strewn about the 72' diameter circular site. Rising up on aluminum stems, the fragments and colors are reminiscent of a field of native wildflowers.

As visitors make their way around the circular drive, they will notice a magical coalescing of random shapes morphing into legible form. Five distinct locations have been identified around the site (parking, sidewalk, entrance, patio, garden) where sculptural convergence occurs.

Each of the five word convergences complete the sentence: "The arts ______ us."

The sculpture becomes a participatory event, requiring a physical collaboration - a momentary bond - between viewer and artwork.

For more information about the Circle Drive Sculpture Contest, please visit: |http://http://www.wilson-center.com/circle-drive-sculpture-contest/|Wilson Center Website|